Birth of a Local Enterprise!

In keeping with our goal of assisting the people of Marangu West to build sustainable futures for themselves, a new and exciting initiative has begun with the supportive encouragement and direction of ABCD Director Lynn.

A group of local women, coordinated by local nurse Eva, has come together to meet with ABCD Director Lynn to discuss forming a cooperative for the making and selling of the personal hygiene kits for menstrual empowerment. Up to this point our own volunteers in Canada have been making these kits and we have been delivering them to ABCD girls. We will continue to do this as this new group develops its procedures and seeks approval of their product from Days for Girls charity.

ABCD will provide some initial start up materials and resources and hopefully we will one day be one this group’s customers.

We were once again informed by nurse Eva that these kits are dramatically reducing the incidence of UTI in the girls and women using them. And girls are able to attend school much more regularly. ABCD Director Lynn will remain in close touch with the group to provide guidance and resources as needed.

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