Art Day Celebration

The art day celebration is traditionally held near the end of our trip to bring the ABCD families and students together for food, music, art and dancing. It is always a wonderful time of fellowship and laughter. This year was no different even though there were changes.

The new location was at a local secondary school, Makomu SS, and we thank Thomas Kaniki the Headmaster for hosting and facilitating the event.

Another change was that 4 of the ABCD mamas handled all the purchase, preparation, serving and clean up of the amazing lunch: rice pilau, chicken, beef stew, fried bananas, fried potatoes, steamed rice, mchicha (kind of spinach), salad, fruit!

We were also entertained by a young man named Zawadi who is a college music student. He played guitar and sang a few songs with a wonderfully plaintive voice. Also, several ABCD children danced and sang songs of thanks and goodbyes for us. See the bottom of this post for two brief movies of this!

The students all completed an artwork in pencil crayon or watercolour to thank their supporters in Canada.

Personal hygiene kits for girls were also given to the girls who were present and Nurse Eva with Lynn gave a workshop on their proper use.

Awards were presented to 15 students who have done well this past year and all students received a bag full of school supplies and other personal needs.

It was an unforgettable day, full of smiles, hugs and blessings. Here are some pictures of the event.