Tanzania 2024! A Great and Fruitful Trip!

Volunteer Joe Crone and I are back from a wonderfully productive trip to visit our friends, the students, and our projects in Marangu West, Tanzania.

A couple of hiccups such as a 3 day delay in getting our luggage and a minor flood in my room, didn’t hold us back. Volunteer Joe did an amazing job when we visited all of our schools and he performed his own songs for sometimes up to 600 children! Rose, his assistant, who is one of our current students, did such a great job, singing and dancing the actions for the students. So much fun! You can find Joe’s detailed FB posts if you search him on Facebook.

I attended productive meetings with ABCD Tanzania, the mamas group who sew the girls menstrual kits, and many school headmasters and head teachers.

Here’s a collection of photos about this adventure. Enjoy.