An Exciting Prospect for ABCDreams and the Children of Marangu West!

Photo L-R: Mr. Kaniki, Frank Smith, Mr. Sinde, Joe Crone, Sebastian Masaro

Recently, on our 2024 volunteer trip to Tanzania, we held a meeting with the Marangu West Ward Education Officer, Mr. Allen Sinde, Mr. Thomas Kaniki, Headmaster of Makomu Secondary School and Chairperson of ABCD Tanzania and Sebastian Masaro, ABCDreams Canada agent.

The meeting was ostensibly about volunteer Joe’s role and responsibilities as a visiting guest teacher at the 8 primary schools that ABCDreams supports. That part of the agenda went very well and they were impressed and excited about the Music and English content that Joe would bring to the schools.

Then to my surprise, at the end of the meeting the two gentlemen broached the subject of increasing truancy in the schools with a plea to ABCDreams Canada to help combat this!! Their only thought was the need for more basic musical instruments but I can see much potential for the development of a larger overall ARTS initiative (music, visual arts, drama, dance) for the schools. More discussion to come I’m sure.