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The vision of ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams is a world where vulnerable children can achieve their dreams. We are a Canadian charity that raises funds to help children in rural Tanzania to stay in school and complete their education. Our Canadian Charitable Registration number is 84438 5021 RR0001.

Ways to Donate


You can make a donation by credit card on Paypal right now using this button:


If you have a Canadian bank account, you can eTransfer funds to


You can mail a cheque payable to “ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams” to:
PO Box 1113,
Mount Albert ON,
Canada L0G 1M0

Canada Helps

You can donate through using this link:
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All donors will receive our annual newsletter. As new information becomes available, it is our intention that all donors who are supporting specific children will be sent updates about their child which could include photos, thank you letters, school progress reports.

Dedicated Donations

When you donate to ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams you can dedicate your donation to a particular child, or make a non-dedicated donation to be used where most needed. We strive to ensure that every child has at least one dedicated supporter. Multiple supporters for each child are welcomed.

Recognition Gifts

Please let us know with your donation if you would like a recognition gift. Please also let us know if your donation is on behalf of a friend or family member and give us their contact information if you wish them to be informed of your donation. 

How Much to Donate?

Well, any amount will help. However it might help to know that we record an individual education fund for each of our children.
The estimated cost of education from kindergarten to the end of secondary school (12 years) could vary between $1,000 to $3000 depending on the child’s direction and progress through their educational years. If the student is successful in lower secondary school, he/she can move on to A (Advanced) levels of secondary school (approx. $1400 per year for 2 years), then college or university ($3000 to $3500 per year).

The Tanzanian government has now made public education in government schools ‘free’ to all primary and secondary schools. However the students still have to pay for meals at school, uniforms, shoes, personal items, school supplies, exam fees, field trips and remedial help. Some students who do not do well enough at government schools have no option but to apply to private schools or vocational training schools. These school fees are high and can include boarding costs. Students then need additional support for post-secondary options, such as apprenticeship, college, university.

These costs are well beyond the means of the families who are being helped by ABCD. So please donate as much as you are able!

When to Donate?

What better time than right now? Your donation will immediately go into a child’s individual education fund and will be used directly to fund his or her education needs in the years to come.

You will receive a tax receipt for any donation over $15.