Getting Around the Neighbourhood

The team has been doing a lot of hiking to see local attractions and, importantly, to visit our schools and projects, which are often quite a distance away. 3 hour hikes through the forest, led by Sebastian, are not uncommon and we are really enjoying the experience.

On one hike we were lucky to find one our new ABCD students, Dismas, at home for a quick hello. So many friendly ‘jambos’ along the way past groves of banana and coffee plants, eucalyptus trees, small farms and dwellings and over little brooks flowing down the mountainside. We are amazed at the mamas carrying buckets of water or bananas on their heads up the steep trails.

One morning we arose at 4:30 am to hike up a hill in Kilema (alongside the Stations of the Cross) and guided by ABCD student Josephat, to see the sunrise! Wonderful view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the surrounding forests.

So far we’ve hiked to 2 waterfalls and to 5 of our schools to monitor ABCD projects.
We are certainly keeping in shape!

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