Personal Care Kits for Girls-Care ABCD Tanzania

Thanks to the inspiration and hard work of Director Lynn these local mamas have built a strong and effective team for the well-being of their communities.

Each kit that the group produces includes reusable cloth menstrual pads; shields and liners, washcloth and soap, panties and zip-closure plastic bags. All these items are included in a colourful cotton draw-string bag which the girls can carry to school. The kits last for 3 years and studies have shown that these kits allow the girls to miss fewer days of school and feel better about themselves during their menstrual cycle. During the distribution of these kits the girls also receive health information.

The Care ABCD Tanzania mamas have received extensive training by Days For Girl’s operations in Uganda and have been recently recognized for their commitment and enterprising initiatives to reach every school girl and woman in the Kilimanjaro Region with the opportunity to obtain their own personal care kit.

A donation of $15.00 CDN will purchase one kit for a school girl and will last her for 3 years of her schooling! Please consider a donation to help girls stay in school and achieve. If you are interested in supporting this initiative let us know through

Care ABCD Tanzania mamas also manufacture liquid soap to donate to local schools and for sale to the community. They also manufacture masks, and even spices to earn a little extra income! This is a dynamic group of women!

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