Local Heroes in Tanzania-Mr. Kaniki

There are some key people in the community of Marangu West who are essential to the success of ABCD in helping children and schools to develop their fullest potential. I want to focus on a few of these people in this next series of posts. Let me begin with Mr. Kaniki.

Thomas Kaniki is the Headmaster of Makomu Secondary School, the Chairperson of TAHOSSA (Tanzania Heads of Secondary School Association) AND the Chairperson of ABCD Tanzania. He is a busy guy! Thomas is a passionate, articulate and inspirational leader and he is absolutely devoted to his school, his students and his community. When we are in Tanzania on our annual visits, he is very supportive and collaborative, and always able to find time in his busy schedule to help us, from lending his car to hosting ABCD conferences and celebrations at his school. When we are not there he is also available in cyberspace! Thomas is a family man with children also in secondary school and his wife is also a Headmaster in another school! This is a power family!

Thomas is also very sensitive to the needs of his students. He makes constant efforts to counsel his students (some of them ABCD students) about their academic progress, their career plans and their lives in general. I have been present in some of those counseling sessions and he has a special way of engaging young people and their parents in fruitful discussion.

Thomas also loves to laugh and have fun! In past years we have seen him dancing and singing during our Art Day celebration and he even took part in an ABCD yoga workshop for students. We feel he is a true friend of ABCD.