We’ve Launched a Corporate Sponsor Program!

We are trying to keep up with the increasing cost of our success in Tanzania! So many students are going on to university and college… and food prices for our breakfast programs go up every year.

Here’s our “ask” for help from the corporate community. If you are a business owner, or know a business owner who would love to make a huge impact on young lives in Tanzania, here’s how it can be done.

$3000 will pay for 500 kids to have a hot breakfast at school FOR A YEAR!

$3000 will pay for a student’s college or university education, including food, accommodation and more FOR A YEAR.

Your company can fund breakfast for one school, or more than one, to feed hundreds of kids for a year. Your company can help keep one young person or more, eager for education, in college for a year. Or how about both… help a senior in university AND 500 little ones in primary school for a year? It’s a powerful bang for your buck.

The donation is fully tax receiptable…we can send pictures of the children at school…you join the ABCD family and get the same great feeling we do…and we’ll thank you on our website and social media.

What more could be asked in return? Contact us by emailing info@abcdreams.ca.