Secondary Student Success!

Every year we get progress reports about the ABCDreams students who are attending the two secondary schools that we work with in the Ward of Marangu West: Makomu SS and Mlang’a SS.

This year’s reports just arrived and there’s a lot of good news in them!

At Mlang’a SS in Form One (like grade 9) there are 133 students in total. 10 of them are supported by ABCDreams and all 10 are above the 40 mark in their standing…. 5 of the top 10 are ABCDreams supported students!

In Form 3 at Mlang’a, (like grade 11) there are 134 students in total. 6 of the 11 ABCDreams supported students are in the top 10!

At Makomu SS in Form One, there are 155 students. All 10 ABCDreams supported students stand above the 25 mark and 2 are in the top 10!

In Form 3 at Makomu, there are 128 students in total. All 13 ABCDreams students are above the 30 mark in their standing and 4 of them are in the top 10!

We couldn’t be more excited and extend many thanks to the teachers at these schools for their dedication to their students.

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