‘ABCD Care Tanzania’ Going Strong!

ABCD Care Tanzania is an amazing group of local women who have come together, with the inspiration of ABCD Canada Treasurer Lynn, to form a cooperative with the purpose of making menstrual care kits for girls and women in the villages.

Days for Girls organization provides the training and the design for these menstrual care kits which help teenage girls stay in school and stay healthier.

These wonderful women, who are also managing small farms and families, find time to come together at least once a week to sew and assemble these kits which they are promoting for sale in the villages of Marangu West. They are also manufacturing and marketing liquid soap which has proven to a marketable commodity here.

We were recently hosted for dinner at Eva’s house. Eva is a retired nurse and the leader of the group. We had a great meeting with them and provided some materials and a contract for 50 kits to be given out to girls and women in the community. 20 additional postpartum kits made by past volunteer Christine will be given to pregnant women in the local clinic.

This has become one of ABCDreams most successful projects thanks to the dedication of Treasurer Lynn and this group of dynamite women.

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