Local Heroes in Tanzania – Nurse Eva

She tends to cuts and bruises one day, delirium from malaria another day, and delivers babies at the rate of about 20 a month! Who is she? This caring and compassionate woman (never without a smile) is Eva Ngowi. Eva is the nurse in charge of the Marangu West community clinic and a good friend and supporter of ABCD.

We first met Eva 6 or 7 years ago when the clinic was in serious need of repairs to their water supply. There was no reliable water flowing through the taps in the clinic! That year we were fortunate enough to have a Canadian contractor as one of our volunteers. With a generous donation by the volunteer for some plumbing supplies and to pay a local tradesperson (“fundi” in Swahili) to work alongside, the problem was resolved. The water system was repaired and Eva was happy!

We connected with Eva a couple of years later when we came to Tanzania with personal hygiene kits made at home by ABCD volunteers Christine and her sister Edwina. We needed someone who spoke Swahili to teach proper use of the kits to the school girls. Eva stepped up. She had recognized the benefit of the kits and didn’t hesitate to take on this additional role. Her role quickly expanded. Eva continues to provides instruction to those receiving the kits and also tracks who receives them and notes for us any benefits to the girls. Eva is happy to report that girls using the kits are experiencing better health (fewer urinary tract infections) and are missing less school days.

After four years of making the kits in Canada, ABCD decided that there could be more benefits to the community of Marangu West if the kits were made locally. ABCD Director Lynn approached Eva with the idea of setting up a women’s cooperative to make the kits. Eva stepped up again! She found many women in the community that wanted to be part of this initiative. The cooperative came together with much enthusiasm under the name ABCD Care Tanzania. ABCD Canada is seeking grant funding to provide the cooperative with training in business skills, kit quality control and soap making.

And if that isn’t enough contribution to her community, Eva has volunteered to be on the executive of ABCD Tanzania in the role of Secretary.

Eva and her husband also love to host, and treat as family, volunteers from many countries who come to teach in local schools. She is a true hero in her community and with ABCD Canada.