It’s official…ABCD Tanzania!

We are very pleased to announce that ABCD Canada now has a Tanzanian registered intermediary organization to collaborate with us in meeting our mandate… a Community Based Organization named ABCD Tanzania!

This organization, consisting of 12 local people ranging from Headmasters of secondary schools, Head teachers of primary schools, municipal government officials and also local youths and mothers, will advise upon and ensure that all of ABCD Canada’s projects will be administered fairly and honestly.

ABCD Canada will continue to build their capacity for local empowerment, and fundraising, and work to foster the spirit of volunteerism within the communities.

The office of the organization is in Makomu Secondary School where Mr. Thomas Kaniki is the Headmaster. On this trip, ABCD Directors attended a meeting with ABCD Tanzania where procedural agreements were signed and planning for the next steps were discussed.

Congratulations to ABCD Tanzania! You can visit their website by clicking on the link on our home page. Please send them your own congratulations.