ABCD School Infrastructure Projects

This year ABCD is funding 3 projects which we visited to monitor their progress.

At Nduweni Primary School we are installing our fifth primary school library. A classroom was allocated by the Head Teacher, Mr. Lekule, and fundis ( contractors) were hired to renovate the room, windows, doors and to build furniture. ABCD also funded a textbook order to start the school library off, and our volunteers also brought many donated storybooks and picture books with them.

At Kiunguni/Komalyango’e Primary School, which is two schools combined by the government, ABCD has already built a new kitchen and library, and replaced roofing over 7 classrooms. We are continuing our work at this school with new toilets which are now completed. In addition, roofing work needs to be continued over more classrooms but first the walls of those classrooms need to be replaced. This is work which is now ongoing.

At Komela Primary School, where ABCD has already built a new kitchen and library, the original toilet building was shut down a few years ago because the septic pit had collapsed. They are using a makeshift shack structure as a toilet for the 500 students. ABCD has funded the digging of two new toilet septic pits which are 10 metres deep, and new plumbing to attach them to the existing toilet building which is quite serviceable. This project is ongoing as builders encounter massive rock layers to break through on there way down to the 10 metre mark. All this digging is done by hand!


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  1. I congratulate for nice job done by ABCD, for creating condunsive environment of our young sister and brother to study.

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