ABCD Tanzania is a reality!

I am very pleased to send congratulations to the newly formed CBO (Community Based Organization), ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams Tanzania! They have just received their certificate of registration under the leadership of Thomas Kaniki as their chairperson, Eva Ngowi as their secretary, and Sebastian Masaro as their treasurer. Mr. Kaniki is also the Headmaster of Makomu Secondary School, where the office of ABCD Tanzania is located.

This group, members of which represent all of the villages of Marangu West, is now officially empowered and eminently capable of identifying and assessing the needs of the children and the community, fundraising (in addition to continuing to receive ABCD Canada support), building a better future.

The website for ABCD Tanzania is If you would like to send your own congratulations, their email address is

ABCD Canada is looking forward to working very closely with ABCD Tanzania to continue to improve the children’s educational prospects and well-being, and the learning environment in schools.

2 thoughts on “ABCD Tanzania is a reality!

  1. Hi Frank & ABCDreams

    Congratulations! We are excited to hear about ABCD Tanzania, our favourite area of Africa and the home of our PLAN foster child in Kisarawe.
    We will be following its progress in Marangu when the website is up.


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