Support for Girls Update

For the past two years ABCD has been partnering with Days For Girls International, on a project in our Marangu West villages to help adolescent girls and women with safer, healthier and sustainable feminine hygiene management. Our volunteer seamstresses here at home have been sewing together personal care kits which we bring with us on our annual monitoring trips. Each kit takes up to 6 hours to produce. Some of the supplies needed; fabric, PUL, has been donated from local sources. To date we have supplied over 200 kits! and held workshops on their use.

Local nurse Eva Ngowi has been keeping careful records of the kits she has been giving out and reports to us that there is a dramatic decrease in uti and other infections and illnesses in the girls who have received them. With these kits the girls can now attend school much more regularly.

On our upcoming trip in February 2016 we are bringing 40 postpartum kits to Eva’s dispensary and many more kits for girls. This is one of our most rewarding projects and we are so happy with it’s potential to make a real difference.

some of eva's records

some of eva’s records