ABCD Volunteers Rule!

Volunteers Susan and Brenda, have worked very hard over the last few days at Makomu/Kyala Primary School both painting a classroom AND teaching. As well as helping Lynn and Frank with many tasks, such as filling 50 bags with school supplies, personal care items and donated gifts

Senior ABCD students, Emanuel and Josephat have worked closely with them as they took on the task of painting the walls, window frames and door of a classroom which was in dire need of a spruce up. So they were up on ladders with brushes and rollers in hand applying cream coloured wall paint, black ‘baseboard’ paint, red oxide paint to metal window frames and blue paint for the door. All the while they were watched and engaged by many, many little faces looking in the doors and windows as their classroom was transformed.

On alternate days Susan and Brenda used the library to teach English to small groups of youngsters by playing word games, doing art activities and good old fashioned reading and writing. Josephat was a huge help to them in their teaching. There was lots of laughter in the library on the days Susan and Brenda were there. Much thanks to them for their wonderful work.