ABCD Volunteers are Tourists Too!

In addition to the invaluable work they do for ABCD, our volunteers also have a chance to experience the wonderful people and environment that is offered by this part of the world.

Frank, Lynn, John, Susan and Brenda had the great opportunity to tour the beautiful Kinukamori Waterfall Conservation Park guided by our friend Alpha Moshi who operates it as a local social enterprise. Alpha taught us a great deal about Chagga tribal culture on our tour, and the waterfall is magnificent.

We also went on a hike down the deep and steep gorge trail to see another lovely falls called Kilasiya Waterfalls. Ewald, the grandpa of David, an ABCD student, kindly guided us. He also showed and explained to us how the local people make mbege (banana) beer. Susan and Brenda then visited a local Chagga Museum housed inside a replica of a traditional chagga hut.

Our volunteers also met a very friendly local lady who was selling kangas (women’s wraps) on the trail and she allowed Susan and Brenda to try them on, surrounded by giggling children.

In addition to these local outings, Susan and Brenda are looking forward to their mini-safari of two nights and three days touring two national game parks. Safari njema!