Our Amazing Team Transforms 3 Classrooms

Over the course of their time here our volunteer team became a formidable painting force! At our evening debriefs it was often heard how they bonded as a team and got on with their work with a true sense of comradeship. Margo, Paul, Matt, Michael, Megan and Christine, with the help of Emanuel, painted all four walls of three classrooms, including the wide black ‘baseboard strip’, blue doors and red window frames. Using homemade, rickety ladders borrowed from the community, they were up at the very high peaks making sure no spot was untouched by paint. The rooms look wonderfully clean and fresh now, and the staff and students of Makomu Primary School are very happy. Enough paint was ordered so that a group of local parents can continue the work and the trays, brushes and rollers donated by Home Hardware in Mount Albert, Ontario will continue to be used.