Friendly Lunchtime Meetings

Recently Frank and Lynn were fortunate to be invited to lunch …twice in the same day! Makomu Secondary School was the location of the first lunch, with the Headmaster, Mr. Kaniki, his assistant Mr. Masaro, and two of the teachers who are going to be teaching in the new computer classroom which ABCD is funding. It was a generous feast of beef, chicken, ugali, rice, fried bananas, and fruit. After thanking Mr. Kaniki with a masaii blanket robe we were taken on a tour to some of the classrooms, including that of Nahari,, an ABCD student who is doing very well and is now a prefect. Nahari was proud to introduce us to his classmates.

Then we were off to another lunch, this time at the office of the Ward Executive Officer, Rose Lyimo, who with Godamen Umburi (Ward veterinarian) also serves on the ABCD Advisory Committee. This was a meeting of all the village leaders and the local parish priest so it was good to meet them over a good lunch and refreshments.  Granted, the agenda was in Swahili, but the ABCD Cow Program was discussed and we were asked to fund another primary school breakfast program.