Castlebridge Public School Cares!

P1050538Castlebridge Public School students and staff are now supporting 4 ABCD children: Amedeusi, Fabiola, Yasinta and Teresia!

My sister Margo Kennedy is the Castlebridge staff member who has tirelessly organized the fundraising at her school over the years. For a few years now this school has supported ABCD and these 4 children through fundraising and in school assemblies.

I’ve been honoured to attend these assemblies and witness the joy and excitement of giving in the faces of the young students of Castlebridge PS. Their latest fundraising event in the school was the crafting of beautiful ABCD beaded bracelets AND they sold hundreds of them to raise a substantial donation for the African children’s education. This is a heart-warming story of children here in Canada, showing sincere compassion and caring for their less fortunate peers in Tanzania.

Thanks so much once again to the wonderful students and staff of Castlebridge Public School.

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