Personal Care Kits for Girls

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 5.25.21 PMABCD is very happy to be partnering with the charity Days For Girls in a project aimed at increasing the dignity and health of girls and women by empowering their menstrual health management.

All of our ABCD girls and other girls and women in the Kilimanjaro Region are receiving hand-made personal care kits with instructions on their proper use. Studies have shown that these kits allow the girls to attend school far more often, feel better about themselves and so improve their educational opportunities.

The kits are sewn and assembled by volunteers all over the world, including some of our ABCD volunteers! If you would like to learn more about joining a chapter of Days for Girls, or simply sewing kits for ABCD just let us know through the website.

One thought on “Personal Care Kits for Girls

  1. Fantastic idea! (Just a comment on the wording of the message though….It should read: “Each of our ABCD girls and women in the Kilimanjaro Region ‘IS’ receiving a hand-made personal care kit with instructions on ‘ITS’ personal use.) Sorry. The word, ‘each’ is a shortened form of, “each one”, therefore, singular….

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