The Singing! The Children! The Laughter!

The first couple of days of our volunteer trip to Tanzania have been full of heart-enriching, wonderful experiences with children and teachers at primary schools.

Led by great friend of ABCDreams, Joe Crone, music teacher extraordinaire, song writer, musician, we are visiting the eight primary schools where ABCDreams support provides funds the breakfast programs. We arrive, sometimes after a long and BUMPY ride, and then we are greeted by 500 children assembled to sing for us! Such an experience of joy. After that Joe is on stage with volunteer ABCDreams student Rose in a classroom filled with up to 50 children and the fun begins. Rose is a natural performer and is assisting Joe very, very well with translation.

Joe is leading the children in songs he has written, with actions causing so much laughter and smiles, and also recording the children’s own songs which they sing in loud, clear, ringing voices.

Luckily we arrive at the time that the children are served the ABCDreams breakfast and so we get to observe and jump in to help with the serving!

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