Visiting Mlang’a and Makomu Secondary Schools

This was our chance to meet the 39 students who were added to the ABCD program during the past 3 years when we were unable to visit! Thanks go to the Headmasters, Mr. Kaniki and Mr. Makaka who made special arrangements to gather them all together so that we could meet them.

It was fun and exciting to meet these students face to face at long last, shake their hands, and make a short speech to them about ABCD and our commitment of support as they move through their years of school.

New portrait photos were taken to update the student photo gallery on the website and soon their smiling faces will be there. Yes, so heart-warming to see their smiles and wish them all the best.

Magreth, who is standing with Frank in a photo is waiting for her Form 4 National Exam results which the Headmaster is sure will be very good. She is a candidate for special support from the Canadian Federation of University Women!

student buckets