Back in Tanzania!

It’s been three years since we have been back to Tanzania so we were excited to return, meet our friends in ABCD Tanzania and the mamas group and as many students as we could find!

We arrived on January 9 and our first few days are based at the home of ABCD Director John and his wife Stella just on the outskirts of bustling Moshi town. We were so happy to reunite with them and soon after with Sebastian, our man on the ground in Tanzania.

One highlight of the first days was a visit to the city of Arusha, about two hours away, where three ABCD students are enrolled at the sprawling and beautifully landscaped Institute of Accountancy: Veronica, Patrick and Suzan. So delightful to meet these bright, hopeful young people!

Veronica came to ABCD many years ago as young child of 5 and is now in year 2 of her Diploma program!. It was very touching to meet her again with arms wide open. She is a confident, independent young woman who has leadership potential having assisted new ABCD students Patrick and Suzan in their year 1.

Patrick and Suzan came to ABCD just a couple of years ago and since we didn’t travel during Covid, we had never met them in person. They are also very inspiring young people who are committed to their dreams.

On that trip to Arusha we were also able to meet Yudatade again who is fully trained as a safari guide including tours for Spanish speaking tourists! He’s hoping that the safari season will rebound this year. He’s a big friendly warm guy and it was a lot of fun to speak with him.

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2 thoughts on “Back in Tanzania!

  1. It is wonderful to see how they progress with the help of ABCD.
    We wish them more successful stories!
    Mira Laserson

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