ABCD Tanzania and ABCD Canada Zoom Together!

It finally happened…thanks to director John’s invaluable presence in Tanzania…he was able to set up a zoom meeting with all members of ABCD Tanzania and ABCD Canada!

The attendees in Tanzania were, left to right: Mr. Kaniki-Headmaster of Makomu SS, Digna Kessy-Care ABCD Tanzania, Eva Ngowi-Care ABCD Tanzania, Fransisca Ngallo-Care ABCD Tanzania, Mr. Makaka-Headmaster of Mlang’a SS, Sebastian Masaro-Treasurer of ABCD Tanzania, John de Ronde-ABCD Canada Director, Mary Masuki-Guest and teacher at Makomu SS.

International time differences were accommodated for and everybody was able to get on line to greet each other and review our current progress and future plans together.

We were all so happy to see each other again after such a long time.

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