Graduates Find Jobs!

Happy to report that Benson and Levina have found permanent employment positions! They were in the labour market after graduation for quite a while but continued to career search while doing side jobs such as in small business street markets.

Levina is teaching at a private school in Dar es Salaam. She reports that because school enrolment currently is very low, she has to work many hours but as Covid lessens the enrolment should increase.

Benson has found a position in a fuel company in Dar as their Warehouse Supervisor. He is sure this will lead to future advancement and salary increases.

Both Levina and Benson continue to seek advancement in their career fields. Congratulations to them from ABCDreams!

3 thoughts on “Graduates Find Jobs!

  1. Great to hear that their education helped find working positions.
    Congratulations and good luck in the future!

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