Care ABCD Tanzania…love those mamas!

Big thanks go out to the mamas cooperative group called ABCD Care Tanzania for their work in sewing and preparing the personal care kits and arranging for their distribution with support from agent Sebastian and ABCD Director John. The kits are being distributed to all the girls in two secondary schools…Makomu SS and Mlang’a SS.

Last December we received a letter from girls at Makomu and Mlang’a Secondary school. They had two messages for ABCD Canada. Thank-you for the soap for their hands and the cleaning soap for schools floors and toilets. (The mamas group also manufactures soap!) The second message, “we are asking for your support in getting pads”.

All good news…our donors provided the means and these amazing mamas came through with a lot of hard work and dedication to their communities.The mamas even visited the schools to explain the proper use and care of the kits. What a group of women!