The Good Work Continues.. Despite Covid

In these difficult times when we cannot be there in person in Tanzania, we rely on ABCD Tanzania, our partner organization, to continue our work helping the ABCD students.

Thanks to our supporters and donors here in Canada we are able to continue sending the funds to Tanzania for support of the 12 school breakfast programs, and for the school supplies that the students need. (This is addition to the payment of school fees.)

The implementation of these programs is possible thanks to our man on the ground in the villages, Sebastian. He and his helper Denis, have to be recognized for implementing all this support. It takes a long time to fill, and deliver all those bags with heavy notebooks, pens, pencils, and more. Asante Sana….THANKS SO MUCH SEBA!!

Here are some photos of breakfasts being served at the schools and students holding their bags of school supplies. When I saw them my heart was full seeing the happy faces and the work continuing.