ABCD Student Grads and Their Dreams

Several ABCD post-secondary students have recently graduated and the first thing we want to do is to congratulate them on their hard work and success! Despite all odds and with support, they have realized their dreams… to complete their educations. Now on to the next dream… employment in their chosen fields of study.

Here are the recent graduates and their respective fields:

Airini: Early Childhood Education
Benson: Transport Management
Emanuel: Electricity
Hyasinta: Early Childhood Education
Levina: Education in the sciences
Mary John: Early Childhood Education
Miriam: Rural Development
Oscar: Geography and Environmental Concerns
Tumaini: Heritage Management

Needless to say, these grads, and the others who have been recognized in earlier posts, are encountering significant challenges in securing positions due to the current global situation and its impact on Tanzania’s economy and labour market.

We are in touch with them and they will receive a graduate award of some funding to help with their job search.

Once again, a huge congratulations goes out to them from the Board and supporters of ABCDreams along with heartfelt prayers for success in future endeavours.

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