The Art Day Celebration! What a blast!

On the morning of Art Day, the skies looked heavy and sure enough the rain came down in force. Nevertheless we went ahead and moved the whole shebang inside to classrooms at Makomu Secondary School! The art room where students did their drawings and painting was in one room, and the seating for families and guests was moved into a neighbouring classroom. It worked out really well.

The mamas served their delicious food and entertainment was presented at the front of the classroom. George, one of ABCD Canada’s college students was there and performed an excellent rap about the importance of education. The mamas got up for their traditional enthusiastic songs and dance and we volunteers happily joined in…(at the end of the video clip below I am saying in swahili “I’m tired” which broke everybody up!) As a finale, the volunteer group sang a song… much to everyone’s delight.

Awards for academic achievement were handed out, and the bags full of school supplies were given out to grateful families. Many of our students were away at college or university but almost all of the students who were still around in secondary school attended with their families so we had about 80 people in attendance. A wonderful event!

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