Laurie Donates Soap!

Laurie is one of the three original founders of ABCDreams way back in 2008 with Lynn and Frank. She gave all her passion to its start up and is still in touch with us and following the work we do.

One of Laurie’s favourite things to do these days is making lovingly crafted soaps and she recently donated some of her creative products towards helping CARE ABCD TANZANIA, the women’s cooperative group in Marangu West. They are also making soap as part of the girl’s personal care kits that they make and market locally.

Laurie’s soaps will be taken to Tanzania by our volunteer group in Feb. 2019 and be given to this group to be included in kits that will help young girls stay in school and be healthy. Thanks Laurie!

laurie’s soap

Frank, Laurie and Lynn in 2008!


2 thoughts on “Laurie Donates Soap!

  1. WOW such a great talent to do these soaps! So generous to give these to the girls in Tanzania, I’m sure they will very much appreciate these!

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