Recent Visit to Tanzania

ABCD President Frank recently travelled to Tanzania to visit ABCD projects, to gather planning information for future projects and to attend meetings with the folks from ABCD Tanzania. It was a fruitful visit and many thanks go out to Mr. Kaniki, Chairperson of ABCD TZ, Eva Ngowi, Secretary of ABCD TZ, Sebastian Masaro, Treasurer of ABCD TZ, and John de Ronde, Director on ABCD Canada board for facilitating my itinerary and making it a productive collaboration.

Highlights of the visit were:

  • the outstanding success of ABCD Care Tanzania, the women’s cooperative group who are producing the girls personal care kits and finding success in the marketing and sales of these
  • seeing new water tanks on the school properties being used to send precious water to the school gardens
  • sharing new ideas with Mr. Kaniki on best practices to adjust to the new normal for funding education costs with new government regulations
  • assisting Maria, one of our graduating secondary school students to determine her next steps in her education…aiming at becoming a Village Education Officer by entering a Community Development College.

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