Solar Light Success Story!

For a few years now we have been trying to help our families with the issue of light in their homes, primarily to assist the children with studying in the evening and doing homework. Most families do not have electricity and have to buy kerosene for small kerosene lamps which produce a toxic smoke.

We tried plastic bottles filled with refractive water with small recycled solar panels and LED lights, and they did produce some light but were impractical in actual use and needed replacement batteries.

Finally we have found a Canadian entrepreneurial company, Karibu Solar, which is manufacturing a very strong and reliable solar light kit for third world use. The kit includes a large panel and two powerful lights which can be hung or place in any position and provides many hours of light. Cell phones can also be charged with the kit providing a possible income source for families. Karibu Solar has generously donated several kits to ABCD and we have purchased additional kits to supply 19 of our ABCD families with these lights. Big thanks go out to Karibu Solar.

Let the homework begin!!

Solar kit

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