Volunteering in Tanzania

Edwina Sutherland, one of our volunteers on this year’s trip to Tanzania, helped in the painting of four classrooms at Makomu/Kyala Primary School. Here is an excerpt from her reflection on her experience as a volunteer for ABCD:

The children were wonderful. We came across two girls, about 7 or 8 years old, sitting in the grass, threading long strands of grass through their hair, as a decoration. Their smiles told us how much fun they were having. The boys run around with an old leather soccer ball, enjoying the most raucous game. The ball had barely any skin left, but still was a valuable piece of equipment. Their uniforms are often hand-me-downs, the collars of the shirts too large and often fraying, some sweaters in tatters. Yet for church on Sunday, they wear their Sunday best clothes, proudly.

To read more of her thoughtful reflection, click here!

And it’s not too early to think about coming to Tanzania with us in 2017. You can meet the children and families, teach in schools or help with ABCD projects, learn about life in rural Tanzania, visit local markets, go on safari or climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Please contact us info-at-abcdreams-dot-ca if you would like to ask about volunteering for ABCD in Tanzania in February 2017. We’d love to hear from you!