Helping George

One of our senior students, George Minja, was complaining of sore eyes at Art Day and his eyes didn’t look right. Yesterday we took George out of school for a few hours to take him to KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College) in Moshi. He attends Northern Highlands Secondary School in Moshi so it was a short drive to the hospital’s eye clinic.

And there began the waiting. 4 hours later George was seen by two medical students who took lots of notes and made diagrams of his eyes after both spent a long time peering into his eyes through a complex machine. Then they had to discuss their notes with the attending eye doctor and he also had to look into George’s eyes because he said “this is a very interesting case”. Diagnosis: Severe allergic conjunctivitis. Prevalent in young people who usually grow out of it. Could be viral or environmental (dust) in cause.

George was given eye drops and told to come back in a month. He is to wash his face often and wear sunglasses when out in the dusty streets. Let’s hope his condition improves.