Great work done at Ngaruma Vocational Training Centre!

For 3 hours every day of the trip the volunteer team worked at Ngaruma VTC in various roles. The teachers and administrators were very welcoming and helped the team to settle in and get a lot done. Everyone took turns painting a classroom which we hope will become a computer centre within the following year. English lessons were offered to various classes which proved a challenge but so much fun. Some of the volunteers had the opportunity to get into the kindergarten class for songs and games with the little ones. The tailoring class, both first and second year, was also a busy place for a couple of our volunteers. Solar light building was also a focus and we hope that the knowledge handed on to the local teacher will be put to use for building and selling water-bottle-solar-lights to the local community. On one day, our team participated in sports day, when everybody hiked to the local playing field for some football and netball. We look forward to further collaborations with Ngaruma Vocational Training Centre.