Castlebridge Public School

Castlebridge Public School in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is a very compassionate school and very active in fundraising for various causes. The Staff and School Council are now supporting the education of two of our children: Amedeusi and Fabiola. I was recently invited to speak to the entire school at their monthly assembly. The theme of this assembly was CARING. Surrounded by hundreds of children I showed some slides and told the children about the school and home lives of Amedeusi and Fabiola. The children were very respectful and attentive and judging by their questions, very interested in our Tanzanian children’s lives. I presented updated plaked posters of the two children to Principal Paucholo and they will be displayed with past posters in the school foyer.

It’s wonderful to be connected to such a school and to know that Canadian children are being taught the value of global compassion and interconnectedness.