Raise Funds

There are some very creative ways to raise funds for ABCD. Our fabulous friends and supporters have come up with some amazing ideas!

Wedding Reception Fundraiser

Instead of purchasing table gifts for guests at their wedding reception, ABCD friends Kristina and Chris donated their table-gift budget to ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams!

We provided the bride and groom with beautiful cards to be placed on guest tables with photos of the children, their artwork, and a message stating that the Kristina and Chris have generously decided to make a donation to this charity to help the disadvantaged children of ABCD in Tanzania.

School/Student/Teacher Fundraising

Students at Middlefield Public School with pictures of the kids they are helping in Tanzania

Many schools have become involved with fundraising for ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams. Here are a few of their great ideas:

  1. Classrooms support specific ABCD children: School staff cooperate to organize classrooms to support a child’s education. The means of support are mini-projects like:
    • “Home Room Loonies/Toonies” — every home room in a school collects a $1 or $2 coin from each student.
    • Home rooms can be linked to specific ABCD children too, for letter writing.
  2. Set up fundraising tables or booths in the school foyer with displays of the ABCD children
    • School as a whole supports a child’s education or a breakfast program
    • “Pocket Change” campaign
    • Students write and draw a postcard message to a child for a donation
  3. School canvasses local businesses for donations
  4. Collect school materials for ABCD children (pre-Christmas)

ABCD will provide students with resource materials about poverty awareness, education in Tanzania and youth volunteering opportunities and if the school is in the Toronto area we will come to the school to do presentations.

Child’s Birthday Party Fundraiser

Instead of, or in addition to, purchasing items for children’s loot bags, parents can purchase multiple copies of our fundraising CD, of great music (Nyimbo Za Watoto, which means Songs for the Children in swahili) for a discounted price of $10 each. ABCD provides them with a card stating that the birthday celebration of the birthday boy or girl is helping the disadvantaged children of ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams in Tanzania. The CDs fit perfectly into loot bags!

Business/Corporate/Office Fundraiser

If you have a business or corporate space somewhere in Southern Ontario, let ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams hold a fundraising exhibition of the beautiful faces and art of our children in your entrance foyer or hallway space. We have easels so we really don’t need wall space. We can display up to 47 expertly framed pieces for your staff to admire or purchase individually or perhaps by Department. You provide the space; we do all the work!

Selling-our-CD Fundraising

If you would like to take copies some of our musical CD’s on consignment to sell to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours that would be wonderful! Or maybe you have a shop which can display them for sale? The CD is called Nyimbo Za Watoto which is swahili for Songs for the Children. It’s got a great selection of music for all tastes (rock, folk, ballads, indie, reggae, klesmer, techno/mood, Latin) and all of it was donated by the amazing musicians. The liner notes have all the lyrics and thumbnails of the ABCD children and their art. The suggested cost of the CD is $10 and people are moved that this is about the cost of school breakfast for a year for a child or a school uniform. Contact us if you can help in this way!

Throw a Party Fundraiser!