School Libraries

In the continuing work of ABCD to improve opportunities for a better education for children in the Kilimanjaro Region, the first ABCD funded school library was set up in Makomu/Kyala Primary School in early 2012. Since then ABCD has established freshly painted, new libraries in 5 more primary schools: Komela Primary School, Kiunguni/Komalyangoe Primary School, Kilaremo Primary School, Kitowo/Napaku Primary School and Nduweni Primary School. New furniture and books have been installed and we expand these libraries each year when we return. At Mlang’a Secondary School, ABCD has funded a library/bookroom which is ready to be used also as a computer classroom.

Recently we were very happy to see the formation of a student Library Club at one of our primary schools!

Thanks to our donors and supporters, more and more children in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania are attending school regularly, as is reported to us by many school administrators. The children are eager to be in school and are committed to working hard to accomplish their dreams. However, due to the lack of reading resources, academic progress and achieving their dreams continues to be a struggle. Many children do not have easy access to books.

ABCD provides English story books through donations brought over by our teams of volunteers, as well as Swahili textbooks purchased from a local publisher. Our plan is to engage the local community in developing the libraries with us and to assist them in making the libaries a valued and sustainable resource for all of their children, and for community members.

If you wish to donate books or send funds to buy locally published books, please contact us at We will be happy to discuss this with you.