Language Development

 Write a letter to a child in Tanzania!

If you would like to send letters, photos or greeting cards etc. to an ABCD child in Tanzania just mail to: Child’s Name, PO Box 437, Marangu, Moshi, Tanzania and it will be delivered to the child.

This is one of the ways in which ABCD is helping our ABCD students to improve their English reading and writing skills. We like to think of this project as a language development pen pal project. The children love to get mail from Canada!

The purposes of this project are:

  1. to improve English writing, reading and communication skills of ABCD Tanzanian students
  2. to foster global poverty awareness in Canadian children and families
  3. to facilitate cultural awareness and exchange between Tanzanian and Canadian students

Here are some guidelines regarding how to sensitively respond to the letters from Tanzanian children:

  • request to learn some Swahili language
  • accurately but kindly correct grammar or spelling errors with humour and fun
  • use discretionary exchange of personal information
  • choose appropriate topics for letter writing (avoid content comparing their poverty to our affluence)
  • make sure your writing has good spelling and grammar 🙂

By the exchange of letters and information, and sharing about our respective cultures and ways of life, it is hoped that friendship and fun, along with learning will characterize this project.

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