Infrastructure and Maintenance Projects

ABCD is committed to improving the learning environments for the children in their schools. The most common scenarios which we have seen in the schools are:

  • leaky, rusting sheet metal roofs
  • crumbling cement floors
  • dirty, flaking, crumbling walls
  • broken desks
  • broken or missing windows and doors
  • smoky, ramshackle cook houses with poorly vented ovens where the children’s lunches are prepared
  • old, unsanitary toilets
  • dusty, (or muddy in rainy season), walkways which need drainage/erosion control

The schools do their best, often planting vegetable and flower gardens, but do not have the resources for any major infrastructure improvements.

Here’s what ABCD has done thus far with the help of our donors and supporters and partners:

  • N’garuma Vocational Training Centre – conversion of a classroom into a computer classroom fully equipped with 10 work stations.
  • Makomu/Kyala Primary School- replacement of the roof over all 8 classrooms, major repairs to floors, walls, and doors of classrooms and painting of classrooms.
  • Kyala Medical Dispensary – repairs and improvement of plumbing system.
  • Makomu Kindergarten – construction of new toilets
  • Kiunguni/Komalyango’e Primary School – construction of a new school kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves and funding for new roofs on two parts of the school. Also classroom wall repair and new toilets construction
  • Nduweni Primary School – upgrading of toilet plumbing system and restoration of a classroom into a new library
  • Kitowo/Napaku Primary School – construction of new toilets, new kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves, and a new library
  • Makomu Secondary School – construction of new girls toilets and installation of fully equipped computer classroom
  • Komela Primary School – construction of new kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves and major repair of toilet facilities
  • Mlang’a Secondary School – construction of a room for computer classes and book storage
  • ABCD also assists the schools to maintain and repair their buildings. A local fundi (contractor) is hired to oversee a team of local unemployed youth (who may be ABCD graduates looking for work) to work at the schools to target ongoing maintenance of the properties. This is a double-barrelled success in both providing a better educational environment but also providing some employment for youth in the area.

If you, or perhaps your business, would like to join us in the improvement of schools for ABCD children we would be happy to hear from you!