School Infrastructure Development

Over the last decade ABCDreams has funded major infrastructure improvements to many schools in Marangu West. Here follows a partial list:

  • N’garuma Vocational Training Centre: conversion of a classroom into a computer classroom fully equipped with 10 work stations.
  • Makomu/Kyala Primary School: replacement of the roof over all 8 classrooms, major repairs to floors, walls, and doors of classrooms and painting of classrooms.
  • Kyala Medical Dispensary: repairs and improvement of plumbing system.
  • Makomu Kindergarten: construction of new toilets
  • Kiunguni/Komalyango’e Primary School: construction of a new school kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves and funding for new roofs on two parts of the school. Also classroom wall repair and new toilets construction
  • Nduweni Primary School: upgrading of toilet plumbing system and restoration of a classroom into a new library
  • Kitowo/Napaku Primary School: construction of new toilets, new kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves, and a new library
  • Makomu Secondary School: construction of new girls toilets and installation of fully equipped computer classroom
  • Komela Primary School: construction of new kitchen with new fuel efficient stoves and major repair of toilet facilities
  • Mlang’a Secondary School: construction of a room for computer classes and book storage
  • Makomu Primary School, Kiraracha Primary School, Nduweni Primary School: installation of 3 water storage tanks

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