Funding Children’s Education

Your donation can be dedicated to a particular student of your choice and depending on the needs of the child, your donation may help pay for:

  • school breakfasts
  • supplementary food if needed (maize, beans)
  • exam fees
  • tuition fees (secondary school only)
  • school photos
  • school improvement costs
  • 2 uniforms and a raincoat
  • shoes and shoe polish
  • school supplies
  • skin care cream, soap, toothpaste and brushes
  • awards for improvement in school

Here is the path that a child takes through the Tanzanian education system:

  1. Nursery school and Kindergarten
  2. Primary school for 7 years (Standard 1-7)
  3. Lower secondary school for 4 years (Forms 1-4)
  4. Upper secondary school, for 2 years (Forms 5-6 boarding chosen by the government if marks in Form 4 allow)
  5. If marks in Form 4 are weak then Vocational Training School or College boarding is an option (many leave school at this point)
  6. University (chosen by the government) if marks in Forms 5-6 allow

Looking to the Future

Our main focus in the coming years is to ensure that we can find sufficient funds to support our increasing number of students who are succeeding in secondary school and moving on to higher (and more costly) levels of education such as A (advanced)levels in secondary school, college and university studies. PLEASE HELP US SUPPORT AND NURTURE THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THESE STUDENTS.

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