Breakfast Programs

UPDATE: As of now over 5000 children in 10 primary schools and students in 2 secondary schools are receiving a hot breakfast before school starts thanks to the generous supporters of ABCD!

Thanks to our generous donors, ABCD is able to provide the funds for breakfast programs to be established in all the primary schools and 2 secondary schools in the Ward of Marangu West. This enables the children to receive a hot breakfast before classes start. Often children are sent to school with very little or no breakfast and furthermore, the only meal they may get during the day is the school lunch.

It goes without saying that children who are fed better learn better. ABCD has received testimonials from the Headmasters of school where we have established a breakfast program that attendance and academic progress has improved.

The cost of funding a breakfast program in a primary school of 500 students is surprisingly small…only around $3000 PER YEAR. Breakfast usually consists of hot millet porridge with sugar and sometimes fruit/nuts.

If you, or your business or company would like to fund a breakfast program in a primary school please contact ABCD. We’d be happy to make this happen and you’ll receive photos of the children enjoying their breakfast as well as a tax receipt!