Honest Peter T

Honest Peter is the first ABCD student to graduate from University! He has completed his Bachelor of Social Work and is now working in social work in Dar es Salaam. He also has dreams to enter the Masters Program in Social Work. We are very proud of him and hopeful that he can find a meaningful career in social work so that he can fulfill his goal to help others and to save for his further studies.

Here is what he has to say:

I would like to thank ABCD for the big support to me since we met in 2008 at Marangu.

It’s great and meaningful to have friends from ABCD who keep my dream alive. Today I’m Honest, and I can stand and speak to the community. Today I see the world. 

Now I am looking forward for my career in social work and Masters program in social work here in Dar Es Salaam. 

Thank you ABCD for the support.

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