Adeline K

Adeline Adeline was one of the first children added to the ABCD program in 2008 when she was only 9 years old. From the beginning she showed great potential in her academic performance at school and ABCD has been behind her ever since. Adeline also has a couple of generous supporters who have been helping her.

Adeline is approaching 21 years old now and has graduated from the Swissport Aviation Training Centre in Dar es Salaam, with her Flight Operator/Dispatcher license! What an accomplishment for her. She has found employment, though yet part time in the aviation industry. Congratulations Adeline.

Adeline’s license is approved by TCAA (Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority) and employment opportunities in this field in Tanzania are limited. She is determined to upgrade to a FAA approved license which will allow her to work internationally for any airline in the world, and eventually her pilot’s license! This dream is very expensive. ABCD will advise her on her best next steps towards her goals. It will involve hard work and saving but with her record of focus and ambition we are sure that she can succeed.

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