Two Amazing Conferences

In February 2013 for 3 days, a Student Business Conference was funded by ABCD Canada and organized by Australian volunteer students and chaperones from Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. It was held at the YMCA in Moshi and 50 secondary school students were selected by their schools to be bussed in. Wonderful workshops and presentations were organized and presented by the Australian students on many topics such as: whole brain thinking, job interview tips, reading for success, resume writing. Students were divided into ‘business teams’ also to plan a presentation requesting a business loan from a panel of local business people. It was a fantastic conference full of learning, as well as fun, games, role playing, and even a swim experience in the YMCA pool!

On 19 and 20 February 2016 at Makomu Secondary School, a conference for girls called “Discover Your Potential” was organized and hosted by ABCD Tanzania and funded by ABCD Canada. Thirty girls aged 13-21 attended. Over half of the girls were in the ABCD program and the others were invited from various schools in Marangu West. Local business leaders and educators were invited to give workshops and presentation to the girls. ABCD Director at the time, Terry Maynard, gave invaluable expertise also on career counselling, team building and personality connections. Of course there was a lot of fun with games and outdoor activities too!

For a link to all the resources presented (and generated) at the conference just click on…

The Teachers Resources

Leadership Skills – Edith Tarimo (Keynote Speaker)

  • This power point presentation reviews how to develop and demonstrate leadership skills, qualities, and styles
  • Lesson Summary – English

Female Youth Entrepreneurship – Suzan Shoo (Speaker)

This content reviews how young girls can start self-employment with little capital.

Entrepreneurship – S.W.O.T. Test for business ideas (back up lesson)

Careers Direction – Skills for Careers (Terry Maynard, Career Counsellor)

This workshop is a 2-hour collaborative exercises for identifying motivated skills and gathering peer feedback that could lead to meaningful and sustainable career directions.

Career Direction – Personality/Medicine Circle for Careers (Terry Maynard, Career Counsellor)

This workshop is a 2-hour collaborative exercises for matching career direction to each person’s personality through the North American First Nations’ Medicine Circle Story.

Team Building & Ideas

Ideas – Brainstorming Cards (back up lesson from Feb. 2016 Leadership Conference for Girls)

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