Repair and Maintenance Project Underway!

In our continuing effort to improve the education environment for students and staff at the government primary and secondary schools in Marangu West, ABCDreams is funding a program to provide repairs and maintenance at the schools.

A team has been formed consisting of former ABCD students who have training in the trades, as well as other local youth, all led by Richard, a local fundi (contractor).

Minor repairs (electrical, masonry, plumbing, carpentry) within a set budget are applied for and completed.

The first job is just being completed at Kitowo/Napaku Primary School and consists of new walkways around classrooms, new windows and electrical work. Anna and David are ABCD graduates from a few years ago in electricity and masonry and they are busy with this project.

This project is a double-barrelled winner, providing work for our students as well as a cleaner, safer environment in the schools!

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