Little Novati

ABCDreams has been helping students and families in Marangu West, Tanzania for 12 years. It sometimes happens that a student leaves the program, for any number of reasons. Life is precarious.

Novati was one of those students that I still remember well. He was a little boy who started secondary school in 2011. His father was very ill and mama was doing the best she could. Novati stayed in school for two years but had to leave the program for family reasons, probably to find work.

I have just learned that Novati is now a welder in Dodoma, making decorative, security frames for windows and doors. I can only guess that he was taken on as an apprentice by a welder and learned the trade himself. Brave and resourceful. Novati is the big brother to one of our present ABCDreams students…Izahak. Good luck to Novati!

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