Breakfast Program 12 Years Later!

I am posting some photos of the first breakfast program that ABCDreams funded in 2010 at Kisuluni Primary School.

ABCDreams is now funding breakfast programs at 10 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in the ward of Marangu West, Kilimanjaro Region. This means that over 4500-5000 children are receiving a hot breakfast of millet porridge with sugar and nuts every day of the school year!

We continue to seek funds for this very important program as we know that it greatly improves the well being and academic potential of the children.

If you know of a business or company that could sponsor a breakfast program at a school please contact us at The cost for an entire school of around 500 children to receive breakfast for a year is only $4500. That’s only about $10 per child, per year!